Virtual Reality for Planners

Virtual reality (VR) is changing how we think about and engage in the practice of planning. In this track, you will learn how VR can be used in planning, how to use tools like SketchUp and Unity to build your VR model, and explore how best to engage stakeholders and the public with VR. This track was produced in collaboration with MIG.

Virtual Reality for Planners 1: Introduction

This course provides an overview of virtual reality (VR) and the elements that lead to effective urban design simulations and, ultimately, how to produce VR applications that enable users to explore urban design scenarios.

45 Mins

Virtual Reality for Planners 2: Modeling in SketchUp

Learn how to use SketchUp to create content appropriate for a virtual reality environment. By the end of the course, viewers will be ready to learn how to prepare a final model for export into Unity.

72 Mins

Virtual Reality for Planners 3: Working with Unity

In this third course of the virtual reality series, we will create a VR application from scratch using Unity. We will be adding SketchUp data, VR components, materials, textures, backgrounds, sky and finally virtual reality.

64 Mins

Virtual Reality for Planners 4: Refining the End User Experience

This final course of the virtual reality series discusses the big picture, looks at space planning and event setup, discusses alternatives to the full VR experience, and lists a few ways to fine tune the user’s experience for maximum success.

74 Mins

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